All services are provided via Lee Warren Property Consulting.


Monthly Workshops

Deal Analysis

Deal analysis is a fundamental aspect of property investing and development which will determine if a development is a success or not.

This 1-day practical workshop allows attendees to bring their own deals along to be crunched LIVE to see if they could be profitable or not.

Financing Through Joint Ventures

Lee raised nearly a MILLION pounds in JV finance during his first year in full time development. He's now going to share his secrets for the first time with other property entrepreneurs.

Learn how to finance your next development through JV money which further reduces the risk to all stakeholders and lowering the entry to property acquisition. 


1-2-1 Mentoring

Got a question and don't know where to turn? Is it build related or finance related or deal related? Then we can offer you a 30 or 60 minute Zoom Video Mentoring call to help support your decision making.

We can do these as one offs or regular monthly calls, to help support you during a deal or development.

You decide what you need help with and we support you!

New Builds


Whether it's a terraced development or detached houses, Warrich Homes can provide a full developer service from design to build to delivery - either in traditional build, with bricks and mortar, or as a modular build.



We're about to complete our recent refurbishment development that also includes an office conversion.

Once complete we'll be bringing 14 new flats to market to help the community alleviate the local housing shortage.

This 1960s block that has been in disrepair for many years and we are lovingly bringing it up to modern standards.


We run a monthly Developer Mastermind where each month sees a set of core principals in development taught, after which each member is able to talk through their deals for advice and guidance. 

Some of the topics for core development include: 

  • Setting up a business
  • Finding deals
  • Deal analysis - ensuring the deals are likely to be profitable
  • Financing deals
... and much more!